Board Meeting Management

Too often, however, I find board meetings are a position update. Great plank meetings not only give a succint revise on the health of the business but lay out in clear details the challenges at hand and the optimal remedies. Scenario analysis help the panel understand the trade-offs being considered (ie employing more repetitions to provide demand or other decisions that involve accelerating/delaying spending given current opportunities) and their impact on pro forma cash, income, and expenses.

CN 5247 and another SD with a Coke can covered hopper work the CP interchange, located where the CN 86-feet hi-cube boxcar is within the backdrop before heading west. CN’s ramp monitor diverges to remaining in foreground. Working the interchange from the east end, CN 5254-5070 and a slabside CN covered hopper are at risk of East Tower.

In the low photo, the devices are crossing Trenton Avenue. The white structure is a UNITED STATES Van Lines storage space warehouse – a classic, added-to whitewashed building that might be a great kitbash. Also, note the plethora of poles in these photos! Three road products to lift one car from the team track?

This eastbound CN freight led by CN 5175 is eastbound through the backyard. June 1988. Spot the compactness of CN’s yard trackage here, indicating the prevalence of block-swapping over local industry switching. A tank car, plus slashes of ballast vehicles and covered hoppers occupy the three yard tracks, with change leading to the interchange lawn at right.

West of CN’s station, the storage monitor and United Grain Growers spurs were often in use. A boarding outfit train, with insulated water tank car CN 80284, white fleet and house cars looking quite definitely at home within September 1989. Above and below: D.J. Slightly out-of-the-way, in its location on the spur running off CP’s backyard business lead, north of Fourth St NE was the NM McCallister Pea & Seed elevator.

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Another industry I included in my trackplans is the interesting UNITED STATES Can of Canada Ltd warehouse northeast of Third St NE. This industry received CN combination door boxcars switched by 6569. The warehouse is meant by me supplied the neighborhood produce operations. CP 5788-3091 with ditchlights and class lights ablaze are working the east end of CP’s yard in 1987 before rejoining their train with a 40-foot CP insulated boxcar.

Notice the yard business lead and double-ended backyard songs. Between CP and CN yards, Manitoba Telephone System maintained a huge source and pole yard that would make an interesting addition to a 1980’s Portage layout. Also in 1987, 5746-5718 have pulled up to the train station before getting into the backyard off their westbound freight, more likely to grab paperwork from the agent. Notice the absence of semaphore cutting blades, with nearby, free employee parking! Above and below: D.J.

Gagnon photos. CP’s backyard is still occupied, with road freights pausing to make setouts and lifts. The station is a museum, the station area has more trees, today fewer constructions and better sightlines! Flags a-flyin’ high-multimark 5534-5505 are heading for the yard across Third St NE on the yard lead on June 18, 1980. The local van is noticeable between the units and freight cars in the yard at right. For any Portage layout, a couple of units idling before the CN or CP station are absolutely prototypical! A few days previously, another westbound had slipped seven grain cars in the backyard which were soon noticed at Portage’s CP-served elevators.

Safely tucked away in a corner of CN’s lawn, june 1982 a Portage-stationed plow and small Jordan spreader in! April Freshly-painted and outshopped two months previous in, CN 55251 and 51082 respectively huddle behind the cupola-topped Co-Op fertilizer shed. Portage was a handy spot for CN to stash MoW equipment, as both of these snow-fighters prove. Have a look at Randy O’Brien’s latest Portage design plans including a three-way change providing the interchange songs!