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Hiring a bookkeeper or outsourcing your bookkeeping to an established bookkeeping practice or company is also a smart move, especially if you are known by you won’t keep your bookkeeping up to date on your own. Insufficient expertise. If you’re going to spend your free time learning to do something new, make it something enjoyable. For most of us, that might be learning macrame or take flight angling… not learning the taxes code. Choose good tax advisor. They’ll not only save from spending the right time seeking to file your taxes yourself but also save more money than you pay them during the period of your business relationship.

Plus, when you use a reputable taxes advisor, you can be confident they will help resolve any issues that may arise with the IRS. You can’t put a price label on that type or kind of peace of mind. Lack of money to pay the government tax bill. There’s nothing at all scarier than owing more in fees than you have in your money.

The best way to avoid this trap is by proactively conserving for your fees. A cash management system like Profit First can help take the guesswork out of how much cash to set apart for tax obligations. While this might not make paying your fee’s fun, it shall at least take some of the sting from it.

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Knowing you need to file past-due taxes may take a tremendous toll on your satisfaction. Your business needs the best of you, and that’s not going to occur if you’re concerned the mailman might deliver a 90-day letter at any time. If you want to file overdue taxes, make it important in your business. When you are captured up, make staying caught up your next concern.

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