Earned Income Credit In Kentucky: It’s About Families

At a recent conference of community advocates I had developed the chance to participate in a task wherein all individuals had taken a few moments to brainstorm slogans, logos, or catchphrases in support of enacting an Earned Income Credit (EIC) in Kentucky. Although we displayed a diverse selection of organizations, all participants support enacting a state-level EIC and, therefore, my first inclination was that all of our particular responses would be more or less similar one to the other.

As we began to go around the room and talk about the results of our creative brainstorming, I noticed precisely how mistaken my preliminary assumption was-I was struck not by the uniformity of the slogans, but by their diversity. In fact, virtually every participant outlined some merit of a continuing condition EIC that was altogether unique. Taking a look at our growing list of slogans, I realized that the assorted nature of the responses serves as a perfect illustration of the numerous ways a state-level EIC would benefit Kentucky families.

One advocate’s proposed slogan emphasized the EIC’s ability to improve families’ financial security and self-sufficiency by promoting labor force involvement: Welfare to Work-Easing the Transition. Certainly this is one of the very most powerful ways an EIC benefits families. Research has shown that the EIC encourages more parents, particularly single mothers, to move into the labor force.

  1. Our history
  2. Lower ranked profile and higher expenditure ratio
  3. GNP = GDP + Net international factor payment
  4. Need logical long term fiscal policy
  5. Sunnyvale – $77, 902 to $94,469
  6. Correctly determining CG – maximising exemptions
  7. Other sources of funds

Over time, the generating power of these parents expands making them less influenced by authorities assistance (an idea captured in another advocate’s suggested slogan: Break through the cycle of Dependency). A state EIC can make this incentive to work more pronounced even. Another slogan read: Not a Hand Out…A Hand Up.

Families are just eligible to have the EIC if they’re working; these are households who pay fees and contribute to local economies. However, in today’s financial weather, employment-even at more than one job-is no warranty of financial security. When incomes are not enough to pay the bills alone, the EIC provides a boost to family income that is most often used to cover basic requirements. A continuing condition EIC could put more income in the storage compartments of hard-working Kentucky families.

With one of the five highest poverty rates in the country, Kentucky should do more to aid low-income families. As you advocate’s slogan mentioned, a Kentucky EIC is: A LITTLE Investment that making an impact in the Lives of Working-Kentucky Families. After all, a successful Kentucky depends on successful family members. Legislators must choose to get this to small investment-enacting a refundable Kentucky EIC-in the forthcoming 2014 General Assembly. One succinct slogan summarized it well: ENOUGH TIME is currently!