HOW TO BEGIN A Genuine Home Bakery OF YOUR

I paused, the fork dangling in the new air in front of my nasal area. Marie was unimpressed. “You’re out of your head,” she finally decided and went to a informal reading of the newspaper back. Within a few days, however, we discovered that my scheme was definately not crazy. The manager of the first restaurant we approached with the theory was delighted not only with our proposition, but with the samples we let him taste. He was so satisfied, in reality, that – after agreeing to give our walnut pies a trial run – he asked us to bring in a successful favorite: banana nut loaf of bread. His previous provider of that niche, it seemed, was leaving the certain area.

Similar receptions awaited us at the next three restaurants we stopped at. All were eager for something a bit different. And we hit a snag then, when one coffee shop proprietor asked if we’d a health permit and business license. Our visit to city hall’s licensing bureau was quite discouraging.

For a very important factor, we were up to date that we resided within an area that was zoned firmly non-commercial. 70.00 more than we’re able to risk on the still-to-get-offthe-ground business. So we went back to the careful restauranteur and leveled with him, told him that people were heading to do as we’d been unofficially recommended down at city hall exactly.

As it turned out, our new friend was the only one of the 20 proprietors we stopped at who queried us with this red tape rating. So, unless your experiences are very different from our own, I question if you want to get concerned about the problem too. Besides, it has been our experience that determination and ingenuity will carry you over any obstacles The System may put in your path toward creating an alternative solution to the established (straitjacketed) way of doing things.

If you want “out” badly enough, you will discover a means of building the road you need to consider you there. Ultimately, should you try our caper, you’ll find that your home bakery will live or die depending about how you control the expense of its operation. Keep the expenditures down – without reducing the grade of your product, of course – and you will make enough money in which to stay business and earn a profit. Don’t and you won’t. A penny preserved really can be a penny earned and time spent studying ways to hang onto those pennies can come back beneficial dividends.

We save money, for example, by purchasing supplies such as flour, raisins, and nuts in bulk at the Farmers’ Market in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. We’ve been able to get nuts – our priciest ingredient – out of this source for as little as one-half the going supermarket price. It is also common for us to save 25 percent on the flour we buy at the Market. Eggs, we’ve found, can be acquired most inexpensively when purchased “by the level” from roadside produce stands or dairies. If you are too far from these sources, however (once we often are within the town), you can keep your eye on the shopping flyers for special deals.

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A saving of 4 or 5 cents per dozen accumulates when you’re working with a large volume, as we are now. One large and recurring expense that we still haven’t whittled right down to our satisfaction is the – we feel – wasteful sum of money we devote to piepans. 1.20 twelve from a supplier over in Oakland and, unfortunately, we must visit him far more than we’d prefer.

And remember: those “little” errands you run for your business do accumulate. Car mileage is a definite cost factor with a home-operated bakery, just as it has been any business. It’s especially easy to accumulate a surprising quantity of miles each delivery day so try to keep your clients as close together so that as near to your home base as you possibly can. Among the beauties of a home bakery is you do not need a heck of the lot of equipment to get you started.

Just a range, a few pans, some elements which “special” recipe. Whatever you are feeling you will need to release your business, don’t forget to check the thrift stores first when you go shopping. We’ve got great luck finding everything we’ve wanted secondhand. When you operate a family-sized home business, you quickly recognize that there’s no one to complete the buck to when you goof something up.