My Asian Skincare Story

Biore part 1 is here. This right part is updated with new, fun info below (because clueless beauty editors are clueless). When someone tells you that they are utilizing a Japanese sunblock proudly, chances are they suggest Biore. So when they say they are using Biore, it’s likely that they mean the one in the blue tube.

Which is not the Biore we are going to discuss today. In the previous Biore show I’ve already given you my very important thoughts on all three Biore milks (these are “meh” and “get this shit off my face” and “has potential but nonetheless meh”). Today we will talk about the Biores in slim long tubes, none of them blue.

  • But doesn’t it grow back thicker and darker
  • Complexion gradually becomes brighter as health pores and skin cells are produced
  • Aloe Vera face masks for greasy pores and skin
  • New flesh-colored company bump

English on the front of the pipe. On the back it says Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich BB Essence in Japanese. Whatever. I’m so over this Japanese crap with a number of different names for just one product. And apparently, most of them official. Enough Oddly, it certainly is the English brands that will be the shortest & most concise. And thank god. The the English name longer, the prospect of hilarious spelling fuckups increases. Anyway, where was I? Some misguided foreign souls think this is a BB cream. I can’t blame them. They see the “BB” on the package and make the only obvious assumption.

But this is Japan, and nothing at all here’s ever so simple. In this full case, this “BB” means “this sunscreen has some color”. A proper BB cream could have the term “foundation” someplace on the trunk of the pipe. Yes, BB lotions are considered, and rightly so, foundations in Japan. The other day (June 5th, I believe) this Allure online article from April 14, 2017 was pointed out to me.

In it, the writer, Sarah Kinonen (she has removed her byline after this post was released) shows that researching this issue you are going to reveal is a totally foreign idea to her. Not surprising at all because the same affiliate digital beauty editor says she “graduated college”, so you can imagine the level of beauty journalism represented here easily.

She’s evidently unaware that Biore makes different products for different Parts of asia. And that the products generally have similar names while their formulas might be wildly different. But I assume it’s a lot simpler to steal content from Reddit than to really fire up Google and look in the finer details. Yes, the entire article was essentially taken from this Asian Beauty Reddit thread – hyperlink.

Of course, Ms. Kinonen, apparently unaware that Asia isn’t one big country, confused Singapore with Japan. Because that could actually require reading the Reddit review she was stealing. And that has time for that, right? So, Ms. Kinonen phone calls it a “Japanese” tinted moisturizer. Which is really funny, because if there’s one thing that Biore sunscreens are NOT, that’s moisturizers. But that would require buying and screening a product actually, and that has time for the, right? Seriously, how dumb is this woman just?