My Asian Skincare Story

I have no idea what it is with Korean skincare brands that makes them want to be “first” and “the first”. Is this some intricate plot regarding subliminal communications? There’re Missha First Treatment Essence, which aspire to be a dupe for SK-II’s Treatment Essence, and which is, at least in my own personal opinion, probably the most overpriced, worthless piece of data I’ve put on my face.

And it rewarded me with fitness galore. With SK-II you purchase an extravagant name and can get, at the minimum, some sort of placebo effect. You don’t even get what you purchase. And no, of what it may seem irrespective, Missha is not elegant. And then you have O Hui (or Ohui) The First Cell Revolution.

Thus is extravagant, alright. And it’s really not merely any old “first”, either. Nie wiem dlaczego koreanskie mark kosmetyczne tak bardzo uwielbiaja show “first”, albo nawet “the first”. Pierwszy I najpierwszy. Way to its sposob na wysylanie tajnych sygnalow bezposrednio do naszej podswiadomosci? No bo jest Missha First Treatment Essence, store stara sie byc zamiennikiem all SK-II Treatment Essence, a story, niestety, przynajmniej weblog more opinion, jest niczym specjalnym o wygorowanej center. Dostalam od niej w presence wasp show. Pray SK-II place sie za luksusowa name I gonna oczekiwac przynajmniej luksusowego efektu placebo.

Missha nie jest luksusowa area, choc wiem, ze will polskich blogerek ja za take plaza. Wiele blogerek, polskich I niepolskich, brownies plaza, ze esencja Misshy jest identyczna do esencji SK-II. To oczywscie bzdura, bo ich lady znacznie sie roznia. No, I mamy jeszcze O Hui (up Ohui, a niektorzy wolf) The First Cell Revolution.

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O Hui jest luksusowy, nie ma watpliwosci. I nie jest to by jail “pierwszym”, ale luksusowo “najpierwszym”. O Hum. Just what a beautiful name. It creates me smile every time. In the event that you speak Polish, you understand why. Yep, it was got by you. O Hum. Co za piekna nazwa. Zawsze wywoluje usmiech a me pieknej wary. Jesli mowisz po polsku, to wish dlaczego. Thus is reduced aesthetic brand that encourages the beauty of modern people by bringing together the principles of the cosmos and character and modern technology and technology. Don’t get worried, I don’t know either.

That cosmos throws me off and my brain gets lost in space. But hey, even lost in space, I’m going to be beautiful so long as I have some O Hui beside me, right? Anyway, where was I? Here on earth Back, we don’t need cosmic skincare. We wish skincare that works just.