OTF Carlyle, Here Are 8 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Orangetheory Fitness

Do you know what the Orangetheory “splat” logo design means, or which superstars love our workout? Even as we prepare yourself to open up Orangetheory Fitness in Carlyle, VA, we’re excited to talk about some fun and interesting facts with you about the fitness franchise that’s sweeping the country. Imagine if we informed you that there will be more to find out about Orangetheory always?

Similar to the way we provide a distinctive workout every day, we like to keep things fun and stop astonishing you never! Here are some fun facts about Orangetheory you might not know but will inspire you to crush your workouts! ✓ The first Orangetheory Fitness studio opened this year 2010 in Boca Raton, Florida.

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The Orange country first started in a studio in South Florida, situated in Boca Raton. Orangetheory Fitness was founded by four amazing minds-Ellen Latham, Jerome Kern, David Long, and David Hardy-who combined their expertise to make what’s now one of the fastest growing franchises in the nation. Previously, Ellen Latham got experience in Physical Education, Exercise Physiology, and Journalism, which resulted in her developing “The Ultimate Workout” that served as the building blocks for Orangetheory.

Now you can find OTF in over 1,000 locations across 19 countries around the global world, including Germany, China, New Dubai, and Zealand. Don’t worry about missing a good work out on the next vacation, because it’s likely that, you’ll find a studio to go to wherever you decide to go! ✓ The name ‘Orangetheory’ is due to the technology behind the workout.

When you set our total-body workout with the science of the Orange Zone, you get Orangetheory. Unlike every other workout, there’s a theory to what we’ll be doing at OTF Carlyle-and it translates to real, visible results. By working the body harder, you’ll get more powerful and gain more energy than ever before. The harder you work in the studio, the greater life you’ll get beyond the studio. ✓ The Orangetheory ‘Splat’ is dependant on a fat cell exploding.

When you start Orangetheory Carlyle, you shall notice the OTF Splat symbol becoming much more than only a logo; it will represent your ever-evolving fitness journey and everything you’ll love about your Orange lifestyle. Through the moment the workout starts, your eyes will check the screen to observe how many splat points you’ve earned. By the end of class, your coach shall offer you a high five for exceeding your 12-point goal.