OWNING A Successful Home Childcare

I’m sure this appears like an unusual title! But there are several things that you should know that you shouldn’t do when starting and running a home daycare. I ran an extremely successful home childcare business for nine years, so these tips result from the voice of experience! The first “don’t” of home daycare is don’t undertake every family that calls looking for care for their children. I understand is it luring when you are first starting out or you have a vacancy that you should fill to accept children from any and every call that comes in.

What you will need to remember is that you will have to spend many hours each day with these children and you will suffer from the parents on a daily basis. You absolutely must have a face-to-face interview with every family (including children) before you agree to take them on.

This will allow you to get a feel for the children’s behavior and the personality of the parents. When you have reservations after getting together them, you should probably turn them down so that it doesn’t lead to a difficult situation down the road. It is necessary to actually like and revel in the kids and households you work with in order to run an effective home daycare.

The second thing you should NOT do in starting and operating your childcare business is do not allow parents to run the show! This is your business and you are in charge. In the event that you let them some parents will attempt to dictate from your daily routine to the format of your agreement!

Only you can determine how best framework for your business and you should be strong with parents about this. It is certainly going to happen (believe me) that parents can make special requests. It is up to you to decide those to honor and which to refuse. Don’t be concerned about shedding clients because you can’t or won’t honor a request they have made. How you run your business should complement your personality, lifestyle, and the needs of your family.

So you need to make business decisions with those things at heart. If a parent chooses to look elsewhere for treatment because you can’t or won’t honor a special request, then it is probably best that they are doing. A 3RD no-no in owning a successful childcare business is structuring every minute of the day.

Most children come to daycare seeking to have fun. I have found that the kids choose large chunks of your time set aside for unstructured playtime. They want to be able to choose which toys to use and what activity to do. The best thing that you should do is supply them with a wide variety of activities and playthings and allow these to make options of what to do so when.

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I am not saying that you shouldn’t have an everyday schedule. You need to give a consistent timetable so children know very well what to anticipate. But within that timetable allow at least a couple of large time chunks for unstructured playtime. The final thing you shouldn’t do is you should NOT let your home daycare run your daily life.

This is vital! If you’re able, it is advisable to have a designated daycare area. That leaves the others of your house to be, well, your home. If you can’t designate a daycare area, you need to be firm with the kids you care for regarding guidelines for clean-up and areas in which they are allowed to play.

If you have children of your it is vital that they don’t believe that everything of theirs is also used for daycare. Let your kids choose a few special items that cannot be used by the daycare. Also, make sure your daycare children clean up everything before they go.