Tax Write Offs

First the Disclaimer: I make no promises to my understanding of tax laws, an accountant handles my taxes. IMO anyone who will their own taxes is a fool. What you do with your fees is your business and in no way requires me. Write off anything concerning safety, includes, but no not limited to, Eye protection, gloves, toe protection work boots. Any Instrument that picks up voltage, including DMM, leads, probes, ghost-voltage shunt, hi-volt probe, amp.

Work clothing that is worn specifically at work, including slacks, long-sleeve T-shirts, socks, under clothing (yes I keep them individual due to the fiber glass) coats, jackets. Laundry cost for work clothing. Any tool that is required by EPA Law, recovery machine, tanks, nitrogen tanks, and regulator. Leak detector(s), vacuum gauges, vacuum pump. Partial write off on cellular phone, lap top, day to day at the job and PDA, which are used. Mileage to and from work when I’ve needed to go back home midday to improve out of dirty or wet clothing. Mileage for picking right up parts on my own time.

You can save money by using a few of your home tools for camping, but you will have to remember to pack them when you go and to unpack them when you get back. Rummage sales and chapel auctions. Like garage sales, these occasions can often produce amazing bargains. It might take some searching through tables of uninteresting junk or piles of musty-smelling clothing to find something you want or need, but it will probably be worth the time and work often. Since items for these events are usually donated, no cost-of-goods are acquired by the owner to recover. Like garage sales, you will discover the best selection earlier in the day and can negotiate the best prices close to the end of the function.

An old Army field coat makes a great camping/walking coat, and it is even more flexible if you can find the fleece liner that adapts them for colder weather. I’ve seen them in rummage sales and thrift stores for some dollars each, often in remarkably good shape. Make your own. You can make a few of your own camping equipment.

Not only can this be fun, you can be kept by it money. Don’t have a camp stove? Make one from an old 1-gallon tin can. 10 can a 4 soup cans. Rocket stoves can prepare a meal for 4, using a handful of twigs as fuel just. Simple tents can be formed using inexpensive tarps.

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They probably won’t supply the 360-degree security you get from a commercially made tent with screened windows, a zippered door, and a sewn-in floor, but they’ll keep most of the rain off. You can make up your own “cowboy bedroll” instead of buying expensive sleeping bags. The ideal and genuine cowboy bedroll is made from durable waterproof canvas, but again, a cheap tarp will be OK to truly get you began or in a crisis. You need enough of the outer material so it is just a little longer than when you are tall and wide enough to fold over and under your body.

You place it out, lay out blankets then, quilts, or comforters, and fold it over in thirds. When it is done, you ought to have at least 2 layers of the external material on the bottom and several on the top to safeguard you from cold, wind, and rainfall.

Having the finished product just a little longer than your height by two or three 3 feet gives you to fold it to protect your mind once you’re snuggled inside. For detailed instructions search “how to make a cowboy bedroll” on the Internet. If you expect to utilize it frequently or for a long time, investing in good quality canvas duck for the shell is a good idea. In the event that you just want to give it a try or double and inexpensive poly tarp can do once. Simple hot dog and marshmallow cookers can be produced from wire coat hangers.

I like to bend a handle into one end. Then I glide them into a bit of 3/4″ or 1″ PVC tube before I put them in my own outside RV cabinets. It will keep the clutter off the rest, maintains them from getting tangled, and even helps keep them cleaner than they would be in the bottom of the cabinet loose. Burn the paint off the end before you cook your first hot dog or marshmallow which means you don’t cook the paint into the treat.

After that you’ll probably want to burn the rust off the finish before mounting your treat. Obtain it when you’re able to. When you see something you’d like to add to your camping equipment, get it if you can. Often I’ve thought I’d wait and pick it up later only to find that it was no more available.