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Over the past year I have worked with Proteion, a ongoing health business in the south of holland. They have 3500 employees and a big part of their work is care for people with dementia. What made it so much fun to work with Proteion is that people occasionally started talking in the Limburg dialect. Moreover, there was a strong vision to learn through a potent mix of learning methods to facilitate place of work. Learning with direct influence on practice.

It was really about something important that people wanted to influence: better treatment for individuals with dementia. My first question was whether the people working there didn’t already know and find out enough about the best treatment, but the thing is that when these were students, dementia wasn’t as important as it is today. The second thing is that when they work in shifts, there is certainly little opportunity to learn from one another.

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Last year we’d lots of working sessions, including a design workshop with all key stakeholders. After this the united team continued using Scrum solution to focus on developing materials and tasks. The blended course is for (new) employees and includes online modules, working with a buddy/buddies using whatsapp, and optional face-to-face workshops based on their own learning needs. It concludes by talking about the analyse of litigant case with the team head.

The course is ready and I am struck by how much work it’s been to develop, and exactly how bumpy the ride within the business. In February, right before the carnival erupted in Limburg, I used to be at Proteion to go over the ultimate point and design to place the dots on the i.

I asked the positioning manager what he considered the look and he said wholeheartely: “I wish we had this 10 years ago!” He was happy really. This reassured me that it’s worthwhile. The advantage is that though the pilot start at two kocations even, eventually there 2000 to 2500 people can take part. An initial blended design is absolutely a steep learning curve whereby it requires a disproportionately long time. I am interested in the results of the first pilot.

A concrete result should be that the treatment improves and thus the number of incidents with clients and complaints from carers falls. One problem is the fact that employees are not covered extra hours they invest in learning. I made a spark video for the beginning of the trajectory, however it is within Dutch. Blended learning aimed at enhancing workplace learning really requires different roles than face-to-face workshops.

We were fortunately to have someone in L&D with center for the technique who has done quite a job in understanding the potential of the training platform and talking to and negotiating with the vendor. I am not sure any L&D could have done this. The psychologists who normally give a specialist lecture likewise have a different role: in the search of materials, thinking about assignments and documenting a short video. Furthermore, we actually need the team leaders because of this task, they will measure the last task and concern the certificates.