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What will it suggest reimagine urban mobility? It begins with our platform – a strong foundation that connects every aspect of the for-hire trip experience. The Curb Mobility system provides a home for our mobile app, payment, paratransit, business travel, and advertising solutions that touch an incredible number of drivers and riders countrywide.

You see, trying to avoid socialism is futile in that the majority of its adherents are again, zealots. They may be zombies. They don’t care about anything else but their religious beliefs, which just so happen to take the form of socialism. These are so wedded with their ideology it trumps facts, reality, truth, and data. They may be delusional and NO amount of reasoning actually, arguing, or rationalizing with these folks will work.

You won’t convince these people as they have no desire nor convenience of intellectual credibility. The only choice is to give them full socialism drive and make sure they are sleeping in the bed they made. Well, is where it really is quite practical and feasible here. Understand socialism is parasitical (and by default, unsustainable) in nature. It requires a host to do a lot of the ongoing work while the parasites live off of that sponsor.

But imagine if that host continues to hit? Yes, yes, “going Galt,” you’ve noticed it before, but have you appeared at the true numbers? People have been heading Galt since 2008 Already. A lot of this has been of course by force with the recession forcing unemployment on people. But a much better indication is the work-force participation rate, which ultimately shows the percent of people who can work and are ACTUALLY SEEKING WORK.

Of course, the parasites in America haven’t been on a diet. Government spending went through the roofing, obesity of presumably “poor” folks have ballooned as well, heck, we even give cell phones for votes to our worst citizens. But if the host is shrinking, where does all the amount of money result from to feed the parasites?

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Trillion money surpluses are proof positive the host is no longer large enough to sustain the parasites and the system needs a blood transfusion. So how do we get our creditors to show off the relative line of credit? How do we get them to stop lending the US government money so society can in fact pay and experience the full costs and price of socialism? Tank our credit history.

Understand that if enough individuals were to visit Galt and go on strike, the US’ financial fundamentals would sour that it would have an effect on our credit rating enough. If GDP were to start to contract, of grow instead, it would make the Chinese very nervous. If consumer spending were to container, instead of grow, it would make Japan very anxious.

And if the labor force participation rate, work force efficiency, and other actions of labor power were to fish tank, it would make the Saudi’s very anxious. Chinese, Japanese, and Saudis wouldn’t give us money. The relative line of credit is cut, no one lends any more money to Pelosi and Obama, their bribe money runs dry, and their parasitical constituents force the first time aren’t bailed out of their errors. EBT cards run balances right down to zero.

The welfare check bounces. Your impairment check is late. You student education loans aren’t funded. The buses aren’t operating. And everything wouldn’t matter anyway because there is nothing in the racks at Wal-Mart because 25% of their employees went Galt and are at home living off of their home produced veggies. Obviously, grinding the united states overall economy to a halt like this is not likely. And the nice reason why is the beta-debt-ridden-wage-slave.