Makeup artist/YouTube beauty personality Kandee Johnson has teamed up with Too Faced for the I’D LIKE Kandee Collection, which consists of an eyeshadow palette, natural face powder, liquid eyeliner, highlighting stay, and liquid lipsticks. And I will not be buying. Sigh. I’m really disappointed in this collection. But we’ll get to that. Kandee was one of the first people I previously enjoyed on YouTube, more than seven years back. These were the days when people didn’t have professional light or HD cameras, before sponsorship, affiliate marketer links, and product shilling.

And I adored Kandee. The best videos she did-without question-were her Halloween tutorials. And I still very fondly remember a few of my favorites. Kandee without question is an incredibly talented makeup artist, and I’d get lost watching her transform herself with makeup. Over the years, as YouTube became and changed a lot more on the formulation, lost most of its authenticity, and sponsored videos became frustrating, I stopped looking at Kandee.

When I noticed that she would be doing one of these big brand collaborations, I wondered why it had considered so long for her of most visitors to do one. Even though I haven’t watched her videos in years, I still think she actually is so talented-moreso than a lot of the “influencers” who have had collaborations.

But as I heard it was with Too Faced, I was disappointed immediately. Because I knew precisely what it was going to be. And when I saw the merchandise, I wasn’t surprised in any way. So, this is where my biggest disappoint originates from, other than the known fact that Kandee teamed up with Too Experienced, which has been favoring quantity over quality and ride gimmicks clearly, product packaging, and collaborations, literally, to the lender. This, if you ask me, looks like a very uninspired palette.

More than that, it appears like almost every other Too Faced palette that they keep recycling, switching across the shades, and slapping on new labels. That’s the reason I say that palette seems uninspired-because it appears exactly like nearly every Too Faced palettes or a palette curated by just a white female. And here’s the other part of why this is such a disappointing release for me personally: This palette seems transparently like it was only made with light skin shades at heart.

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And as I simply demonstrated, there is absolutely no shortage of those types of palettes. And I find this to be undesirable. I’ve read that this collection was curated by Kandee to be her ideal products, even though I could see any charm in someone doing that, it can be alienating extremely.

The reality of the I Want Kandee Eyes palette has three huge pans of white shadow further perpetuates this. Could one particular pans not have been a highlight tone for deeper body tones? The majority of big collaborations have been with white women or women with light skin tones, and I think part of this has to do with perceptions of exactly what will sell.

And many people in the beauty community think about this palette a “flop” since it did not sell out and have an enormous demand. As as I could convey to say, the true face natural powder is not meant to be translucent, which means it’ll likely work best for lighter skin area shades, and the highlighter stay seemed aimed toward light skin tones as well.

The only products that look to be inclusive will be the liquid eyeliner and liquid lipsticks, which people can find duplicates of actually any place. Finally, I would like to talk about quality. Now, for a 12 months now we all know that Too Encountered has been on the decline for. 50 for that social people are meant to keep around for a while. And that is because Too Faced makeup is disposable. That is the way the brand treats it.