[ANN] Social Media Bounty Announcement

We are thrilled to launch our telegram referral bounty program, ContractLand will provide you an chance to receive the recognition that YOU deserve in the world of crypto. Our mission is to bring another generation exchange to cryptocurrency users! Please join us in global motion which will shape the continuing future of the decentralized crypto exchange and create a far more satisfying digital experience for businesses and our community users. Together with your engagement, our web visitors will immediately find relevant products and services tailored with their needs rather than getting bombarded with irrelevant content.

We will honor your activity and content around ContractLand on public media channels such as tweets, medium, telegram organizations, etc. We allocated 150,000 CLC tokens to our Telegram Bounty program. The bounties will be paid within 30 days following the last day of bounty program. Check out our website, whitepaper and other materials on our social media channels. 2. Re-tweet, comment, or write items about ContractLand.

3. Send screenshots or links to us to the bounty group talk. We’ve allocated 75,000 CLC tokens to your Telegram Referral Bounty program! The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the last day of bounty program. 1. Join us on Telegram. Invite to Group via Link). 3. Send usernames of individuals youve asked to us to the bounty group chat. Invitee must be mixed up in chat, no rewards will get for inviting deleted or inactive accounts. Excessive invites of non-active accounts will lead to ban from the group. Invitee must stay in the group throughout the bounty program until the date of reward distribution. Good luck, and happy bountying!

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