In my earlier blogs, I pointed out about the importance of withholding tax system, persons exempt from withholding tax and persons required to deduct and withhold. Day This the topics are Types of Withholding Taxes, Time of Duties and Withholding & Commitments of a Withholding Agent. 2. Expanded or Creditable Withholding Tax Service Income. 1. In the income payment is payable or paid. 2. Income payment is accrued or recorded as an asset or expenditure, whichever is applicable in the payor’s books, whichever is come first. The topic was discussed by Dr. Ruperto P. Somera, Ph.

Learn how to know what’s healthy and what’s not. We have two times available. Go through the dates below to find out more. Isn’t it time you intensify and learn to really know your hive? Will Adds A Honey Super Prevent Swarming? No. Bees swarm when they are congested in their brood nest area which is what activates a swarm.

DO NOT make the error of thinking honey super will give them room not to swarm. I’m an avowed Master Beekeeper and I see beekeepers constantly making big mistakes that often cost them their hives. Knowing what to do so when is the challenging part of beekeeping. Beekeeping is necessary by you mentor.

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I want to help navigate you through the challenges of spring. I have a particular mentorship program called BeeTeam6 where you can call, email, or text me your concerns or questions about your bees. Plus you obtain a weekly tip and a weekly instructional beekeeping video. COULD IT IS BETTER TO START WITH 2 HIVES OR SIMPLY 1 HIVE? If your budget allows, it’s always better to start with 2 hives.

If you lose one hive you are still a beekeeper. You can potentially have the creation of honey twice. This year many customers have purchased our Freedom Kit since it comes with two hives and everything the equipment. You can buy some of our packages with or without packages of bees. We still have sets available with a bundle of bees and a mated queen until March 30th. Bees are for pickup only at our location. Have a look at all of our hive kits by hitting here.

Sip espresso or get a burger in serenity. Transferring delicate personal or business data over the Internet is risky, so your data needs encryption. Industry-leading encryption means that your details are locked down and scrambled with the best security available. To get away from restrictions and increase your productivity, don’t waste time looking small fixes on the internet up. Instead, contact a VPN professional to discuss your system access needs.

Courier motorists, managers, business owners, HR teams and other people in the Logistics industry should be aware of Reverse Logistics. Is our run down Here? Reverse Logistics is an idea that many companies in the logistics industry today have tried to define, and it is a term that everyone, from the bigger levels of management to the self-employed courier driver, should become aware of. Known as Aftermarket Logistics Sometimes, Retrogistics, or Aftermarket Supply Chain, basically, ‘Reverse Logistics’ identifies what happens to something or something after the point of sale.

The goal is to help make the most of what happens to the merchandise or service after it has been sold, with the purpose that, in the long run, money is preserved as well as important and valuable resources. Essentially, Reverse Logistics shouldn’t be recognized incorrectly as forward logistics or forward supply chain, which is the opposite process of getting goods and services to market. Any procedure that is related to the recycling or reuse of materials or services involves Reverse Logistics. Refurbishing, remanufacturing, or moving goods via courier driver from their final post sale destination for either disposal or with the intent to glean more value, are both types of Reverse Logistics.

This concept is becoming more and more relevant in today’s environmentally conscious world therefore related practices in any way degrees of the industry are important. In fact, the ‘logistics in opposite’ element of the industry is becoming as big a part of the daily working of an organization, as are logistics going forward.