When Did Global Warming Stop?

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As considerably as runaway global warming, as it is grasped by me neither Gore nor Mann forecasted runaway global warming would occur this soon. If they did that would certainly be foolish. You can find positive feedback loops that must activate in future decades for runaway global warming that occurs (like the release of methane from frozen polar regions and deep within the oceans).

Global warming is like a steam ship that is merely setting up and has quite a distance to visit until it is up to full vapor. Al Gore and Michael Mann, which never materialized. For the reason that context, global warming has stopped. Those dire predictions are false and you should know better. Your own data implies that it is not as extreme as forecasted or as quickly as they try to tell us.

Yes, weather is changing as it has and always will always. Thank you, Jorge. You are extremely kind to say so! I concur, of course. We have to join efforts to educate humanity. Your write-ups are a great tool. Thanks for commenting, Jorge. However, the warming shouldn’t be discounted, either; it’s ongoing and will continue so long as we keep dealing with the atmosphere as a dump for combustion by-products.

Thank you for your excellent review. I like to call climate change the “Rocking seat effect”. When you put a weight in a rocking seat it will get unbalanced and move in either direction lots of times. If you put another weight it shall keep moving unbalanced and so forth.