Choosing A Site Name For Your Active Directory

It’s a really necessary step within the planning phase when contemplating what Active Directory (AD) Domain Name to pick out. That is especially true when administrators find themselves in a state of affairs that a foul name choice was made and now they may be considering a website title rename. Generally there are three selections to select when deciding which name to use. 2. Use a distinct inner and exterior DNS domain name (inner: firm.loc vs.

1. Personally, I find the first choice to be the most effective, despite the fact that it’s least recommended by Microsoft. The main reason why it isn’t really useful is that if you are not very familiar with DNS administration, it is feasible to expose your Active Directory records to the Internet.

However, should you design the infrastructure correctly, you will transparently present services to your inner and exterior customers accessing assets utilizing the identical domain title. Proper DNS design shall be mentioned in a future article. I’ve skilled firsthand this “gotcha” back with my first implementation of Active Directory using the same internal and exterior title. The issue was with inside customers accessing the company’s webpage, using the identical domain identify. For instance, let’s say that the area identify is “”.

Our DNS administrators correctly separated the DNS setting so that a dedicated external infrastructure supports the external Internet traffic, while the interior DNS infrastructure helps the Active Directory infrastructure. Most of the time, the customers would simply get a “Page Not Found”. That is the default habits of Active Directory Domain Controllers. This document is definitely called the LdapIPAddress.

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The is the public IP of the external web server, created by the DNS Administrator. Then your browser would connect on the first IP that it resolved the identify to. On this hypothetical state of affairs, you’ll count on that only 25% of your inside customers would be capable of accessing the website (25% due to DNS round-robin). 1. Educate your customers to access the website by utilizing the “www” report as an alternative of the mother or father area title. 2. Install IIS on each domain controller and redirect users to the “www” web page. 3. Prevent the DCs from updating the LdapIPAddress.

Educating customers could also be challenging to do. As well as, in larger environments, this job turns into too troublesome to keep up with because of the turn-around of employees. The second method of putting in IIS on the DCs will simply mitigate this difficulty. The reason being as a result of if the consumer resolves the domain identifies to the IPs of the DCs, the shopper will access the net companies put in on the DCs. All you would need to do is both redirect the consumer through native IIS tools or create a default web page that redirects the person programmatically.

The third method can work very nicely in conditions where safety policies don’t enable IIS to be put in on Domain Controllers. This DWORD Specifies whether or not the domain controller registers a Domain Name System (DNS) A (address) information for the domain. If the area controller is a worldwide catalog resource, then this entry also determines whether or not the area controller registers DNS A data for the worldwide catalog.

The worth of “0” won’t allow the DC to register these data (domain name and GC record if applicable), and a price of “1” will permit the DC to register the records. Since this additionally prevents the DC from registering the GC record in DNS, additionally, you will need to create that document manually in the Ad DNS zone.

In our instance, this record would be required for each DC that you just modified the registry on. We’ll assume that everyone DCs in this example are additionally Global Catalog servers. If you’re contemplating to prevent this document from being registered in DNS, there are some implications that may impact your ability to find certain companies within the domain. You should be fully aware of what these implications are and how to beat them. Please, help us spread the word by socializing it right this moment! Did you find one thing unsuitable with the knowledge on this page? Please, take a moment to report it to us in order that we can proceed to enhance the standard of the data on this site. Click here to report a difficulty with this page.