Certified Fitness Geek

The SNBF competition was soooo much fun! I spent nearly all my weekend post competition imagining myself standing on stage with rippling muscles stunning various poses. I can’t help it I am a fitness geek! I’ll most definitely maintain attendance at the Mr/Ms Olympia in Vegas next season. Bodybuilding competitions are like dragoncon for fitness geeks! I had been so in awe by all of the competitors.

Their description and symmetry were amazing. One of the female competitors had lost over 100 pounds. The age of the competition ranged from teenagers to 75. It was just so empowering seeing all these competitors who look so extraordinary and it was natural. One of the guys bios included how he did not care or water restrict and he was so defined. I was expecting each person to just walk out and strike a couple of poses, but this is much more than a pose off, it was a production.

First all the contestants go out and line up together. Both strike their necessary poses Then. The real fun begins Then, the individual displays. The MC reads a brief bio and then the contestant will a 60 to 90-second choreographed demo of poise and strength to music that displays their personality and style. The physique competitors get to wear outfits!

And some of the bodybuilders wore costumes as well. It really is voodoo a lot more than posing and soooo amusing from the amount contestant dressed as wonder woman and the other outfitted as iron man (my 2 favorites) and the male body constructor performing as a jabbawockeez dancer. I was also really impressed with the female body contractors, they were not as manly as I needed assumed, they were very feminine looking, more muscularly defined than physique basically. So that made me think, that maybe, I could do with bodybuilding? If you’re a fitness professional or enthusiast and you have never gone to one of these shows you are really missing out! I definitely intend to make getting a show an annual thing. It certainly inspired me to reunite on track, maybe 1 day I can be on stage posing and rippling.

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