Stomach Pump For Weight Loss?

Stomach Pump for Weight Loss? For those who wish they could satisfy their food craving without putting on them on their waistlines, a new device claims to really have the answer, though experts are critical of it. The device, called AspireAssist, sucks food out of the abdomen before it offers to be able to be ingested by the physical body.

The patient requires a method that places a tube in the tummy that links to a port outside of your body. About 20 minutes after eating, people connect a tool to the slot and “aspirate” the meals they have eaten – quite simply, empty the items of their tummy. Aspire Bariatrics writes on its website.

In a U.S. trial, obese people who used the device lost more than 45 pounds during the first year, the company says. While AspireAssist comes in some right elements of Europe, it is still undergoing trials in America and is not approved by the Drug and Food Administration, according to ABC news.

However, experts have many concerns about these devices. Experts also indicated concern about these devices eliminating the nice the different parts of food your body needs, along with the bad. Katherine Tallmadge, the author of “Diet Simple” (LifeLine Press, 2011), informed MyHealthNewsDaily. Gastric bypass surgery also reduces calorie consumption absorbed from food by surgically rerouting the gut so that food bypasses a portion of the belly and the tiny intestine. However, some experts said gastric bypass surgery comes with an advantage in that it also quells craving for food – it reduces levels of the food cravings hormone ghrelin – while AspireAssist will not appear to have this function.

A patient interviewed by ABC News said he did not feel hungry with the device because he could keep some of what he ate in his belly. The device also offers the potential for misuse – if people empty out most of the contents of their abdomen, they could become malnourished, Cohen said. Studies will need to carefully test the device before we know if it shall have any advantage, Cohen said.

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