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If you are considering offering your business this article will help you evaluate your company as a proper acquirer might. From that perspective it pays to focus on ten critical regions of value creation. The better your performance in these certain areas, the greater the selling price of your business. 1. Customer Variety If much business is targeted in too few of your visitors too, it is a poor in the acquisition market.

If none of them of your customers makes up about more than 5% of total sales, that is a real plus. If you find yourself with a person concentration issue, start concentrating on an application to diversify. 2. Management Depth An acquirer can look at the quality of the management personnel and employees as a major determinant in the acquisition price. You should make the move of assigning your successor a 12 months in advance of your planned departure date.

If you have a solid management team set up, you should attempt to implement work contracts, non-competes, and some form of phantom stock or collateral involvement plan to keep these stars included through the transition. 3. Contractually, Recurring Revenue All revenue dollars aren’t created equal. Revenue dollars from an agreement for annual maintenance, annual licensing fees, a repeating retainer fee, technology license, etc. are a lot more powerful value drivers than projected sales income, materials and time revenue, or other non-recurring revenue streams. 4. Proprietary Products/Technology This is the area where the valuation rules do not necessarily apply.

If proper acquirers believe that a fresh technology can be had and integrated using their superior distribution route, they could value your business on the post-acquisition performance basis. The marketplace rewards effective yawns and advancement at item-type products or services. Continue to look for ways to innovate in all facets of your business.

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If you develop a technology benefit in your organization, think what that could imply to a much bigger company. 5. Penetration of Barriers to Entry In its simplest form, a big restaurant chain buys a little family-owned restaurant to acquire a grand-fathered liquor permit. Owning hard to get permits, zoning, licenses, or regulatory approvals can be worthy of too much to the right buyer.

The government market is incredibly difficult to penetrate. If your service or product applies and you may break through the barriers, you become a more attractive acquisition applicant. 6. Effective Usage of Professionals Reviewed or audited financials by an established CPA company cast an optimistic halo on your business while at the same time decrease the buyer’s perception of risk.