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Wish it were the case that we could return to the days in which a 1960’s period Hasselblad could be packed with the latest and very best advancements in film technology to make an amazing photograph. I recall the days when I possibly could “upgrade” from Ektacrome (EPP) to E100G, or the E100VS even. I loved going from Fuji Astia to Provia and the many speeds of Velvia.

The technological developments in those films are decades before the cameras they may be packed into were designed. For most reasons this is regrettable, yet, for more, we live in a time where our capability to create images that are perfect. And then, you have people who still believe that it is suitable to not only use Photoshop CS3 but complain that it will not use the organic camera documents because you couldn’t update to, say, CS5.

I’m not even suggesting in cases like this that you make it to CS6 (although you should), because though I’ve CS6 even, I also use CS5 to process my Nikon D4 documents. 0.A day on your software upgrade 37? 0.66 a day, but really, WHO uses a computer that’s over 5 years old other than your mom, who just surfs the types and web a few Microsoft Word files from time to time? Professionals use professional tools.

2.01). Computers don’t last permanently – they’re not made to. Hard drives are made to last around 10,000 hours. 0.24 per day to own, until it is prone to crash. And concerning compatibility, who remembers the Kodak Photo CD format? Photoshop. Zip Disks? Who can open those with ease? Think about using the Nikon scanning device software with the latest computer? Time and technology march on.

So should you. And, who’s fault could it be that the latest Nikon software doesn’t operate on the latest Dell/Windows 7/Mac computer systems? Not them. Yet, the scanner actually works just fine if you use a third party scanning solution like those from Vuescan, Hamrick, or Silverfast (see here) Like I said, technology marches on. 4 years ago, a Mac, for example, was comparably costed to PC’s according to Tom’s Hardware, here, so stop complaining about the price tag on a Mac! Is it smarter for Nikon to put their money into preserving every flavor of NikonScan for the few people who still require it or encourage one to spend a few bucks with an authorized vendor?

And why haven’t you either already scanned all of your film, or, smartly, outsourced all of your scanning to a supplier? And there are the cultural people who update both their camcorders to the latest camera, and then complain about the expense of updating their computer every once in awhile. It’s instrument folks – a necessary one inside your workflow.

The camera catches the images, however the computer manages from there. If you want to run the cheap route, and maintain compatibility for years to come, shoot JPEG only. As long as you’re at it, upload using your dialup or carry your portable TRS-80 or Osborne booted into DOS into the local collection and use their free internet.

I am sure you can also connect in your Polaroid Sprintscan and save well on that power suck and scan all your C-41 you shot in bulk-loaded film cartridges that has aged velvet light traps. Seriously folks, we’re professionals. There is value in keeping an operating type of products that are in keeping with the right times. Please, post your comments by clicking the link below. If you’ve got questions, please pose them inside our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

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