How to select the right QR code for your company

Use dynamic QR codes to market your business has many advantages. They offer a shorter URL, less data and the ability to modify the destination. How do you pick the right one for your company? Read on to learn more. Sign up for a trial and get started if you don’t have an account. Should you have just about any concerns with regards to exactly where along with how you can make use of qr code tracking, it is possible to e-mail us with our site.

Short URL

A short URL that contains a dynamic QR code and takes you to a specific destination is called a dynamic QR code. QR codes are most commonly used on printed materials. These QR codes cannot be modified on the spot, but a short URL with a dynamic QR code can. It’s a great tool that savvy marketers can use to convert their links into targeted advertisements.

A URL that is long must be converted to a shorter URL. The Beaconstac QR Code solution offers this functionality. This allows you to track QR Code users online. QR Codes containing populated content are more difficult to scan and can be hard to identify by users. With the QR Code dynamic URL feature, it is easy for click through the next page user to identify your URL.

How to select the right QR code for your company 1

Less data

A dynamic QR code can be described as a smaller version. The code is very small and only contains one URL. Once scanned, this URL will lead the user to a web page that contains the information you want to convey. This QR code is ideal for business operations as it can easily be updated with new content. The hospitality industry is a good candidate for this type code.

Another advantage to this type of code? It’s simplicity. It is easy to scan because of its small size and simple structure. The URL has fewer characters because it is only a short URL. This results in a faster scan.

Ability to move

You can change the destination of your dynamic QR Code at any time without reprinting it. It is enough to ensure that your redirection server is functioning properly. You risk losing revenue and your brand image. There are many ways to prevent this.

For printed ads and bitmap graphics, dynamic QR codes allow users to change their destination. A static QR code takes the user to the original destination, while a dynamic one takes them to another URL. All you have to do to change the destination on a QR codes is to log into your codeQRcode Dashboard and make the necessary adjustments. Similarly, you can also change your contact information with a dynamic QR code.


Dynamic QR codes are not new. They can be used to protect sensitive information and are easy to track. These codes contain data and key corrections. If a code is accidentally scanned, it can still direct the user to the correct URL. A quiet zone should be placed around QR codes to make them stand out from their surroundings. The inventors of QR codes didn’t consider the security implications of this type of code when they first came up with the technology.

These codes are especially useful for companies who want to control their data and prevent fraud. These codes can be used to identify employees and secure customer data. They also allow for easy access to critical data without compromising security. Encryption can be used along with multi-factor authentication.


While static QR codes are ideal for basic use cases, dynamic codes are much more flexible. They enable you to change their content without reprinting them and offer comprehensive scanning analytics. Additionally, dynamic codes can be used to retarget individuals who have scanned them. Dynamic codes are a great option for businesses that need to run regular promotions.

Dynamic QR codes are ideal for businesses because they allow you to change the content of your QR code without changing the design of the code. You won’t have to print the same promotional material again which reduces printing costs. These codes can be used to track the statistics of your QR Codes, which is an important aspect for successful marketing. If in case you have any kind of questions concerning where and just how to utilize qr code tracking, you can contact us at the internet site.