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The really big online universities like Kaplan, ITT Tech, American Public University, and the University of Phoenix have open positions always, whether it’s for part-time online adjunct faculty positions full-time online faculty, instructional design gurus, graders, or course mentors. Searching the “Careers” section of large online school websites may be beneficial, as well as a useful way to find out the actual minimum requirements and payment schedules are for online faculty. For any compilation of some of the best online universities to check on regularly for online teaching jobs, check out About’s WorkAtHomeMoms website on telecommuting careers.

There you’ll find a solid set of schools to troll for online teaching and tutoring gigs that allow working mothers – and working fathers! Since the work-at-home sector is chock full of scams, we found it beneficial to come with an About guide to narrow our search for us. There are also schools who might be hiring online instructors the following on GetEducated.

Then they target those colleges in their online job search. We think that’s a fairly smart and creative way to target your online teaching freelance job search. Example: In the event that you teach psychology, search for an Online Psychology Degree on our site. You’ll get a list of 201 online mindset-level programs from a number of schools. You may be amazed by the depth and breadth of public and non-profit universities that use online teaching and course design staff. Broaden your search this way and you’ll also find circumstances college right down the street that’s looking to hire online trainers!

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While it may not be the snazziest website in terms of visible design, Adjunct Professor Online pulls new careers postings into one large running RSS feed. The Feed is up to date real-time as the website learns of new online adjunct faculty positions soon. To narrow the results by subject area, look under the Navigation box in the right-hand column. Scroll down to find the proper subject matter category under Latest Adjunct Job Postings. Also in the right-hand column is a web link to the searchable version of the work table. This is particularly useful because not absolutely all of the jobs posted on this site are online positions, so you can use the “online teaching” and related keywords to narrow down your results.

UPDATE: This website no longer exists. Don’t have the time to orchestrate complicated online job searches? We’ve received many a happy email from job hunters and university or college recruiters alike over the last 13 years – yep! 13 years – on the success they’ve acquired connecting with top talent and teaching opportunities through our free job boards for learning professionals.