How Is MICA & TALC Bad In Makeup Products (eyeshadows)?

Best Answer: Alright, this may be along answer, but I promise you, it’ll be worthy of it. Also remember, that brands like CoverGirl, Rimmel, Maybelline, N.Y.C., Neutrogena and L’Oreal products not only contain very high amounts of Mica and Talc, but they are cruelty brands also. This means that they not only test on animals, however they are known the use animal by-products (like whale fat) in many of their products. Now, to you question back.

Talc: Talc is a nutrient powder made from talc rocks in order to keep your makeup on. Talc is a moisture resistant powder, so it shall set up more of a fight perspiration, water, as well as your natural skin natural oils. The problem with Talc is that it is a very harsh ingredient that may cause ovarian and lung tumors.

It is impossible never to inhale or for some reason ingest a few of your makeup. Your shadow can be loose and float in the air naturally, and also you liquids will run-down your face into the mouth area. There were studies that show Talc not only causes tumors also, but is also recognized to cause cancer, in women especially.

Not to say it is directly linked to breakouts and allergies related to makeup. Mica: Mica is also a mineral based powder created from rocks. Although it’s safer than Talc, this is still a mineral makeup and can lead to complications with your lungs and ovaries. The overall rule is, if it’s created from rocks and you’re utilizing it, it’s the same thing that miners are going through (though on a much smaller scale).

Mica (and Talc) are also a very inexpensive filler for makeup products. Companies insert their foundations, powders, and eyeshadows will a lot of Talc and incredibly little pigment or quality products to become more cheap. 0.30 to help make the actual shadows. It might cost you a little more money, but finding a makeup that is mica and talc free will not only be better for you health, but better on almost every other account too. You would help weed out cruelty companies by not endorsing them, pushing for quality substances and better products for the educated consumer, and find a makeup that will probably work out better for you anyways.

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