Elegance And Beauty

New Years is just around the corner! As I reflect on 2015, I cannot help but feel thankful, and blessed. Year 2015 was a fantastic, filled up with many lessons of growth and understanding! In terms of my makeup journey, 2015 brought some interesting and eye-opening discoveries. I’ve uncovered my ‘warm autumn’ color palette, rediscovered my interest in makeup ‘style’ looks (i.e. elegant, everyday look, night glam etc), and am starting to confidently connect my passion for makeup and feminine power.

I sense that in 2016, I wish to re-establish this blog to its original name ‘beauty and elegance’ and hook up to my womanly power and inspiration. I am looking forward to connecting to that inner strength and getting it forwards with my makeup appears. I also want to look towards creating my very own personal look predicated on minimal simplicity.

In order to achieve that, I recently went through my makeup bag and picked out my favorite tested and true lipstick products. I wanted to make a minimal, elegant look with MAC Retro lipstick, as it is the most neutral of the four lip shades. MAC describes this tone as a muted, peachy-pink brown and I agree with that explanation.

  1. Revlon Moisture Stain in Barcelona Nights
  2. The shimmery platinum
  3. So called “beautiful objects” are revitalizing to 1 person rather than to another
  4. 2, Await your skin layer to be tolerated, you can gradually increase to once a day, but only at evening

I believe that in 2016, I want to stop ‘experimenting’ and start embracing everything that is chic. I believe that for so long, this blog has been about ‘me’ and my trip. For the reason that sense, it’s been more of a blog-journal. This website is desired by me develop beyond that. There is more to beauty and elegance than just makeup and discovering makeup looks.

I want to redefine how we explore and understand ‘beauty and style’. 2016 is going to be a new opportunity to do that just! Because of this look I started with L’Oreal true match concealer and foundation in W4-5. Then I applied MAC Peaches blushes (my current holy-grail shade). For the eyes, I used MAC goldmine eyeshadow and then used an angled brush to use Arbonne ‘delicious chocolate’ eye shadow as a liner. I completed the look with some black mascara (also Arbonne) and MAC Retro lipstick – a genuine everyday common!

2. Grind the dehydrated beets to a powder. 3. Put in a teaspoon of rose drinking water to the combine and powder well until you get a thick paste. 4. Apply the paste to your lips and leave it on for about a quarter-hour. 5. Wash the paste off. As as you like often. Not merely does this pack add a beautiful pink tint to your lips, but it makes them very soft also. If you don’t like using cosmetics, this natural treatment is an amazing way to include some color to your lips. 1. Pour all the substances into a little bottle.

2. Shake well to mix. 3. Take a little amount of the combination and apply this onto your skin. A day 1-2 times. This mixture is among the best natural moisturizers. The coconut oil and glycerin to help hydrate your skin and form a defensive hurdle over it as the rose drinking water provides you a brand new feel.

If you have extremely dried out skin, this mixture will hydrate it in no time. 1. Pour the rose water into an aerosol bottle and spritz that person until it is wet. 2. Allow water stays on for about 20 mere seconds. 3. Check out wipe water off with tissues. As often as you prefer. This cleansing method is ideal for if you are on the go.

The rose drinking water helps eliminate dirt and perspiration that keep building up on your face through the span of the day. 1. Mix the elements until they may be well combined. 2. Apply this mixture onto the acne-affected regions of your skin. 3. Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes and then clean that person with cool water.

1-2 times a week. Lemon helps exfoliate your skin layer while killing off bacteria. In combination with rose drinking water, it can help eliminate acne, giving your skin to be able to recover. 1. Combine the substances until you get a coarse mixture. 2. Cleanse your face and apply this mixture onto it as you would a face pack. 3. Lightly massage therapy your face for a couple of minutes and leave it on for an additional 5 minutes then. 4. Wash the combination off with cool water.