What Are THE PROFESSIONALS And Cons Of Child Beauty Pageants?

In my estimation, I don’t see the advantages. Baby contests are different because they’re just babies who don’t know any better and their little thoughts don’t get what’s going on. But these teenagers whose appearance you have to bodily modify, I am against. There is no such thing as a pageant that you can enter that goes on your natural splendor, where you are prohibited makeup. And if there is, it would be heart breaking because not everybody will think you are pretty. Can you imagine losing because you are not pretty enough?

How do the losers feel? These children are made to wear tons of makeup, dye their locks, fake locks, and fake teeth. They wear these plastic mouth area guards resembling the type or kind you wear kickboxing because their natural teeth are not even, (plus some have a baby tooth, some are lacking) and not considered attractive.

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Can you visualize what this little lady is thinking, feeling about herself? She trusts her parents to steer her, so she isn’t considering for herself in any way. I don’t buy that crap about how exactly they enjoy it. They wouldn’t have known about it unless you taught them. Their audience include pedophiles and their mothers are just too pleased to expose their photos on the internet. Where is the pro there? The amount of money the parents make or the trophies? These children are learning the value of winning at the price of their childhood, morality, and self-respect.

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